Play Ping Pong

TopSpin is great for recreational, intermediate, or advanced ping pong players! Both members and non-members frequent TopSpin’s world-class table tennis facility seven days every week. 

You may come by yourself and have no problem finding a  playing  partner. Most players visit as single players, and connect with other members and drop in players at the club either by challenging a table to a friendly game or pairing up with another individual for practice. Groups, of course, are also welcome.​

Are you ready to play? There are two options, Full Access Membership or a non-member single day pass. 


​M-F: 3:00 PM – 10:00 PM

S-S: 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Nonmember players are always welcome at TopSpin. Whether recreational or top in the country, a practice partner will be present during our regular hours to practice or play matches. 

How can we guarantee this? With hundreds of satisfied members in addition to other Nonmember Drop In Pass players there is such a large ping pong player pool concentrated at TopSpin that players are present seven days every week! 

A Nonmember Drop In Pass is $15 per player for unlimited daily play.

Paddle rental available: $2 per paddle.

Alternatively, if you’re concerned about the pressure of playing with another member or drop in player, you might consider a robot rental. 

Robot Rental

TopSpin’s private robot training room is available for rental any time during regular operating hours. Avoid the pressure of playing with another player as a beginner or focus on specific advanced strokes at more than 1000 repetitions per hour.

$10 per hour.

$100 per 11 hours.

After sharpening your skills with a robot practice partner, you should enroll in a TopSpin tournament to test your new abilities in a competition setting. Suitable for all levels!


TopSpin Club Tournaments are suitable for players of all skill levels.

Registration closes at 10:00am on the day of each event.​

TopSpin runs multiple Club Tournaments each month as an engaging way for players to showcase their skills, enjoy friendly competition, and have fun playing ping pong.

Spaces are limited and advance registration is required. On the day of your event, please arrive 15 – 30 minutes prior to tournament start time for check-in and warm-ups.

NONMEMBERS: Tournament pass $10.
MEMBERS: Free admission.

Club t-shirt prize for champion of Division 1!
Tournament certificate prize for all division winners!

If you plan to regularly compete in TopSpin Club Tournaments, consider a Full Access Membership. A perk of Full Access Membership is free entry in TopSpin Club Tournaments.


Play ping pong on a single day drop in basis or opt for Full Access Membership. Full Access Membership permits unlimited use of TopSpin’s world-class table tennis center, seven days every week.

Youth, Adult, and Family Membership options available.


A 'Bulk Lesson Package' is 10 hours or more of training. This automatically saves you 5% on your lesson fees.


A 'Combination Lesson Package' is a training package consisting of any quantity of 1-0n-1 and Group lessons in combination. This automatically saves you 5% on your lesson fees.


Group and 1-On-1 ping pong lessons are available.

Active membership is required to enroll in lessons at TopSpin.​

Flexible registration options allow you to register for single classes or build a lesson package. No long-term commitment is required, although most regular students take advantage of our special offers, which can be combined for up to 10% savings on your registration fees.​

Please reserve your lesson in advance by contacting TopSpin, as walk in lessons usually cannot be accommodated.

Save  up to 10% on your lesson package when you build a Bulk Combination Package!

Onsite Private 1-On-1 Coaching

Onsite Private 1-On-1 coaching is available seven days every week.

1-On-1: $69.97​ per hour.

TopSpin’s expert instructors are ready to develop your ping pong skills hand-in-hand with you! In a private session, you can expect your instructor to dive deep into specific table tennis feedback that will rocket-boost your table tennis dexterity.

Unlike group training, where sessions are scripted to develop ping pong abilities alongside and with other players, private training allows your instructor to target your weakest skills, then spend class time boosting these techniques.

Private training is an even more excellent training tool when coupled with group coaching.

Onsite Youth Group Coaching

Year-round Youth Group training is offered at TopSpin. This coaching format is open to players aged 5-16 years old. 

Group: $29.​97​ per hour.

Current active sessions run at the following days / times.

Saturday: 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm, Saturday: 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm,  and Sunday: 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm.

In a youth group session expect a lesson full of ping pong skill development coupled with excitement and entertainment. Meaning, that you child(ren) will both return home raving about the exciting activities they completed during their group session and become an elite table tennis player.

Table tennis is fun, and a lifelong skill. 

To reserve a position in our training program, call 408-438-3081.

As a parent, in order to keep up with your improving children consider Adult Group Coaching.

Onsite Adult Group Coaching

Table tennis is a lifelong sport. In TopSpin’s eleven years of operation, we have seen players of all ages. 

Adult Group class is a great fit for any adult player. Table tennis players of any skill level are ripe for improvement should they choose to register for an Onsite Adult Group Coaching session. 

1-On-1: $69.97​  per  hour.

​Current active sessions run at the following days / times.

Thursday: 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm and Friday: 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm.

In an adult group session, expect a lesson full of table tennis skill development suitable for any level of player. A single hour session consists of warm up, practice patterns, multiball drills, and friendly competition!

To reserve a position in our training program, call 408-438-3081.

Beginning or Intermediate youth player ages 17-18? You may also be a fit for adult group. Call TopSpin’s front desk for details: 408-438-3081.

Wish you could skip the commute, but want to improve your table tennis level and have a ping pong table in your home? Read more to learn about TopSpin Offsite Coaching options.

Offsite Coaching

Ping pong is universal. Anywhere, any table, TopSpin’s expert instructors can teach you to play ping pong. Regular lesson rates apply.

1-On-1: $69.97 per hour.

Group: $29.97 per hour.

To reserve an offsite trainer, call 408-438-3081.

Event Rentals

Many customizable Event Rental options for groups of 10-80 players available.

​Choose between a Private Event, Semi-Private Event, or Full Facility Reservation.​​

Add-on options include Catering and Complete Bar Service. Hundreds of options to choose between!​

Call to speak with an event builder: 408-438-3081.

Private Events

Party your socks off in a private TopSpin party room. Suitable for up to 30 guests, TopSpin’s private event space is sure to be a hit as the location for your next gathering. Birthday parties, corporate events, and teambuilding retreats are just some of the many event possibilities at our facility. 

To be confident that your date is secure, be sure to schedule your event in advance. Your deposit, equivalent to 50% of your event’s facility reservation fees, is fully refundable up to two weeks prior to your event.

Although we prefer to plan Private Events with two-week advance notice, our team will do everything we can to make a last minute event happen. Please be aware that events scheduled with less than two-week advance notice may have a limited selection of catering and/or additional services due to the rushed nature of your event. 

Reservation Fee: $100 per hour.

​Don’t need isolation for your event, just ping pong? Consider a Semi-Private Event.

Semi-Private Events

Need a place to play ping pong for a group of up to 20 players? This is a great option for you. With two-week minimum advance notice, tables on our main playing floor may be reserved. A two hour and two table minimum reservation is required.

Reservation Fee: $25 per table per hour.

Have a group of more than 20 players? Ask how a Semi-Private event can be combined with a private party room reservation to accommodate up to 50 guests. Your private party room will be located adjacent to your space on the main playing floor with balcony-level spectator seating for your guests included at no additional charge.

Groups of more than 50 guests should plan to schedule a Full Facility Reservation.

Full Facility Reservation

Private group events of up to 80 players!

​Two week advance notice is required to plan a Full Facility Reservation during regular operating hours. TopSpin is also able to accommodate Full Facility Reservations outside of regular operating hours. Although we prefer to also plan Full Facility Reservations falling outside of regular operating hours with two week advance notice, our team will do everything we can to make a last minute events happen. 

Full Facility Reservation includes private use of 10 tables, with dedicated seating for food and beverage service.

Reservation Fee: $200 per hour.

Ping pong pairs great with food and beverages. Peruse Catering and Complete Bar Service options below.

Catering Service

Hundreds of unique menu items available from our catering partner, Justin’s Catering and Event Productions.​

$500 minimum order M-F or $1500 minimum order S-S.

Alternatively, for smaller groups or more casual events, we also offer Pizza My Heart catering packages and sandwich platter options from Subway next door that are more inexpensive, have lower minimum orders, and still taste yummy!

Call for menu or to place an order: 408-438-3081.

Complete Bar Service

Custom beverage packages available. Beverage service available from our catering partner, Crafty Beverages.​

$500 minimum order M-F or $1000 minimum order S-S.

​Call for menu or to place an order: 408-438-3081.

Additional Event Services

Turn your Private or Semi-Private Event into a tournament!

$75 per hour.

As an alternative to unstructured free play, a professional instructor can be recruited for your event to provide table tennis rules, give feedback on technique, and structure a table tennis tournament. Multiple formats available: singles, doubles, and team design.

Remember your event with a keepsake paddle!

$25 per paddle.

Take the party home with you by purchasing a paddle souvenir. Guests will sign your paddle or inscribe a short message using permanent marker. Great for birthdays, promotions, and graduations!

Merchandise & Equipment

The latest table tennis technology always in stock at our Santa Clara Location. Stop in anytime during regular operating hours without advance notice and walk out with a custom ping pong paddle.

Butterfly Ping Pong Equipment

400+ unique ping pong items available in our Butterfly Catalog.

Butterfly is the world-leader in table tennis technology. TopSpin Table Tennis is a Butterfly North America Authorized Retailer. An overwhelming selection of different ping pong paddles (blades and rubbers), cases, apparel, accessories, tables are available at TopSpin. In addition, our expert staff are happy to assist with selection of the perfect paddle for your playing style and level.

Call for catalog or to place an order: 408-438-3081.

Custom Paddles

Expert service by expert table tennis minds.

Want help assembling your custom paddle or want to learn how to build a custom paddle yourself? TopSpin’s expert staff is trained to assist with this request. Walk in instruction is available any day of the week during regular operating hours. 

$3 when equipment purchased through TopSpin.

$10 when equipment not purchased through TopSpin.

TopSpin Gear

Hats, t-shirts, and jackets available, only at TopSpin club locations.

​Stop by today and try on an item!