Nestled in the friendly Newhall Park neighborhood behind Santa Clara University’s Stephen Schott Stadium, TopSpin boasts 13,000 sq.ft. of clean, spacious, well-lit facility featuring 16 professional table tennis tables. 

Membership is required for play at TopSpin, with the following exceptions:

  • ​The first Friday of every month.
  • The third Saturday of every month.
  • The final Sunday of every month for our club tournament.

Entry fee on these days is $10, and includes a paddle rental. ​​


 1150 Campbell Avenue 
 San Jose, CA 95126 


    Monday – Friday:  2:00pm – 10:00pm
 Saturday – Sunday:  2:00pm – 8:00pm  


LEFT: TopSpin Coach Khoa Nguyen (US Olympic Team Member; 2000, 2004) and RIGHT: Angela Guan (US National Team Member; 2017)


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Play hard, train hard. Improve your game with TopSpin’s expert coaches!

2017 Ping Pong Summer Camps at TopSpin! #tabletennis #pong


See how you stack up against the competition in TopSpin’s monthly tournament!

Please anticipate tournament play to run from 2:00-5:30 pm.

TopSpin hosts a monthly intermediate level tournament, always on Sunday. For inquiries regarding tournament format, registration, or whether your playing ability is a good fit for our tournament, call TopSpin’s front desk: (408) 970-5078.


TopSpin stocks expert tested and proven Butterfly equipment. 

TopSpin distributes Butterfly equipment. For inquires regarding stock, to place an order, or to make a purchase, call TopSpin’s front desk:  (408) 970-5078.


My daughters Alexa and Jane were in the Fall table tennis class and I would like to thank the coach of the class. During the winter break, we went on a cruise and the entire trip while at sea my daughters were playing ping-pong on the ship. They were really good and even winning matches against other people! I was really happy to see an immediate and great result from the class because last summer my daughters could not play at all.

Ben Fallon

“With 19 tables, rubberized flooring, 20+ foot ceilings, private party rooms, and a robot practice room, [TopSpin’s] 13,000 square foot facility sets the standard for table tennis in the Bay Area.”

USA Table Tennis

Step inside the buzzing building of TopSpin and find an engaging experience…this 13,000 square foot, well-appointed facility is a fun and engaging way to thrill clients while also enjoying no-pressure networking. Learn the sport from world-ranked players, then delight in a tournament for all the bragging rights and glory. Impress your clients with a one-of-a-kind table tennis experience in the bustling heart of San Jose with table tennis fun.

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​TopSpin Table Tennis, LLC

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of pong

pong: /pôNG, päNG/

noun:   A racket sport, also referred to by other titles (i.e. ping pong, table tennis, whiff whaf, paddle ball, tiny tennis, gossama, flim flam, parlour tennis, indoor tennis, pompom, pimpam, netto, et al.).
      “I had so much fun playing pong at TopSpin!”

verb:   To play pong.
      “Lets pong together at TopSpin’s group lesson this Thursday!”

adjective:   awesome, incredible, fun.
      “That shot I hit at TopSpin last week was so pong!”