How do you return a kick serve in tennis?

There’s basically two strategies for handling kick serves that are too good to be returned with your normal flat serve return approach. The first is to move in and catch it early, and the second is to move back and give yourself more time. Both of these approaches are good depending on the particular server.

How do I return a heavy kick serve?

How To Return The Heavy Topspin Kick Serve

How do I return a weak serve?


What are different types of ways to return a serve?

Here are seven tips that can help.

  • The return of serve ritual. The best returners have very specific rituals to help them return the fastest serves.
  • Move in on kick serves.
  • My ball!
  • Return an imaginary ball.
  • Watch the ball go by.
  • Give yourself more time.
  • Slice fast balls.

How do I return lefty serve?

USTA Improve Your Game: Returning A Lefty Serve

How do you return a backhand kick serve?

The main goal of kick serve is to open the court by putting the returner way outside the sideline. To prevent this you should take a few steps forward and play return inside the baseline. By being closer to the ball you immediately cut the angle which doesn’t allow the ball to fly too far away from your racket.

How do I return topspin serve?

If the serve is short

There are two options when returning a short topspin serve
You can attack the ball using your wrist (a flick) You can cut down the back of the ball (a push/chop-block)

How do you get topspin serve?

To receive these types of spin serves, you should keep your platform in front of you and have your contact point around your belly button (just like any other serve receive). ALWAYS move your feet first in order to gain balance and a steady platform and try to contact the ball in front of you.

Can you use kick serve as first serve?

You will notice when you watch the top players on TV that they use it more often than not on second serves, and there’s a good reason for this. However, the kick serve is also effective on the first serve and can help you take control of the point.

How do you handle a slow ball in tennis?

Tennis Tip: How To Deal With Slow Balls

How do you return second serve in tennis?

Hitting the ball on top of the bounce

Returning the serve when it’s on top of the bounce is an optimal position from which you can create a lot of pressure. If you hit it on the way down, you’ll have to return it possibly from behind the baseline and that will give your opponent a lot of time to get to it.

What is a return serve in tennis called?

Return: Stroke made by the receiver of a service. Return ace: Shot in which the opponent serves, the receiver returns the serve, and the opponent does not hit the ball.

Where do I stand for return of serve?

Where Should I Stand To Return Serve? | Tom Avery Tennis 239.592 …

Where do I return serve?

Return of first serve

  • From position n°1: On a first, quality ball when you’re not in an extreme position, favor zones 4 and 6.
  • From position n°2: On a good first ball, the best solution in most cases will be to return the serve to zone 6.
  • From position n°3: On a good first serve, keep zones 4 and 6 in mind.

What are the proper techniques to return flat serves?

Points to remember: Feet shoulder-width apart and parallel, and at a 45-degree angle to the baseline. Returning the Serve: Make sure the player is not standing too far from the spin side as this will make it difficult for them to return the ball after it spins low and further away from them.

What side should a lefty play in doubles tennis?

When a righty and a lefty play together it is usually best to put the right on the deuce side and the lefty on the ad side.

How do you beat a lefty in tennis?

How To Beat Left handed Tennis Players?

  1. Hit to the Lefties Backhand Side as much as possible.
  2. Adjust your Positioning on your Return of Serve.
  3. Practice Running Around your Backhand.
  4. Serve to their Backhand side.
  5. Try and Practice with Another Left Handed Player.

How do I return Tomahawk serve?

May 14, 2012 – Returning the Tomahawk Serve (or a Lefty Pendulum Serve) This is the forehand serve where you serve with the racket tip up, and contact the ball on the right side so it curves to the left, and the spin makes the ball come to your right off the opponent’s paddle. (This is for a righty.

How do you return backspin?

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How do you return the heavy backspin in table tennis?

Returning Heavy Backspin

Is jump float serve real?

A jump float serve in volleyball is a type of serving technique that creates a more favorable trajectory for the server. It also puts added pressure on the opposing team.

How do you stay sideways on kick serve?

For right-handers, stand with your left shoulder against the fence. Go through your serve swing—minus the toss—and as you bring the racquet towards the net, stay sideways and then brush your racquet along the windscreen from left to right.

Do you pronate on a kick serve?

Kick Serve Pronation

First, you’ll not have as much pronation on this type of serve as you do in your flat serve. The strings will face in a different direction at the finish. Your arm will bend more and stay to the side of the body with the strings facing towards the back fence at the point of pronation.

Is topspin serve same as kick serve?

Topspin helps a ball jump up after it hits the tennis court. Sidespin makes a ball move sideways. The kick serve has about a 45-degree angle of rotation, between topspin and sidespin.