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How do you serve backspin in table tennis?

Can you spin serve in table tennis? Service motions are very different from player to player, but the goal is always to impart a controlled amount of spin and to place the ball accurately. The spin can be topspin or underspin, each with varying degrees of sidespin, it is also possible to hit a serve with no spin.

3 Steps To Master The Backspin GHOST SERVE | Table Tennis

How to get an effective and spinny backspin to serve. This tutorial explains:
– Serve grip
– Serve Stance (position)
– Serve technique
and.. How to practice the backspin serve effectively!

What is topspin and backspin in table tennis?

Also if you try to return a ball that has topspin on it, the ball will grip into the rubber on your bat and kick upwards. If you hit a ball with backspin the top of the ball is rotating towards you. This will cause the ball to stop when it bounces on the table.

What is a ghost serve?

What is “Ghost Serve”? “Ghost serve” is a “tricky serve”, short but loaded with heavy underspin. This serve is the table tennis backspin serve, trademark of Ma Lin. The ball makes 3 to 4 bounces on the opposite side and can bounce back to the net.

What is a topspin in table tennis?

Topspin strokes are created when your opponent’s racket brushes against the ball using an upward stroke action. This causes the ball to accelerate and dip due to a combination of ball rotation and air resistance. After the ball makes contact with your racket, the topspin will cause it to rebound in an upward direction.

How do you put a spin on a serve?


What are the types of spin in table tennis?

There are three basic types of spins: the topspin, the backspin, and the sidespin. The physics behind each spin is nearly the same – as the ball rotates in midair, differences in air pressure between the top, back and side of the ball causes the ball to curve and dip.

How do you forehand topspin in table tennis?

How To Play Table Tennis – Forehand Topspin

What is an illegal serve in ping pong?

The ball must not be hidden from the receiver at any time during the service. This means that hiding the ball with your torso is illegal, and shielding the ball with the free hand or free arm is also illegal. It also means that you cannot put your racket in front of the ball before it struck.

What is table tennis pendulum serve?

The serve is known as a pendulum serve because the movement of the bat is similar to how the weight on a pendulum (such as a grandfather clock) travels back and forth. Typically, this serve is delivered from the server’s backhand corner.

What is the best serve in table tennis?

Top 5 Table Tennis Serve [The Most Effective]

  • Set-up serve.
  • Ace serve.
  • 5 Amazing serves in table tennis.
  • #1 – Short Sidespin Pendulum Serve.
  • #2 – Short Sidespin Reverse Pendulum Serve.
  • #3 – Fast Nospin Cross Court Serve.
  • #4 – Fast Nospin Down The Line Serve.
  • #5 – Long Sidespin serve.