Quick Answer: How do you do a backhand in tennis?

In the game of tennis, a backhand is a tennis stroke in which the racket travels across the player’s body, striking the ball with the palm facing towards the chest and the back of hand moving towards the opponent on the follow through.

How do you get a good backhand?

Drop your racket and straighten your hitting arm as you step with your front foot. Let your racket drop down as you straighten your hitting arm. At the same time step into the shot with your front foot. The drop of your racket creates the topspin on the tennis ball and is very important to your one-handed backhand.

How do you hit a backhand for beginners?


  1. STEP ONE is to cover the grip.
  2. STEP 2 – now that you have your grips let’s talk about the take back.
  3. STEP 3 – The follow through.
  4. Step one, the grip.
  5. Step two, make sure you’re getting turned sideways with that shoulder under your chin.

How do you hit a backhand in tennis for beginners?

Tennis101: How to hit a tennis backhand [Tennis for Beginners]

Who has best backhand in tennis?

1. Richard Gasquet. Richard Gasquet possesses the most technically sound one-handed backhanded on the ATP World Tour. Combining grace and precision, Gasquet’s backhand is absolutely lethal.

Is a one-handed backhand better?

It’s up to you to decide which one is better for your game. One-handed Backhand: The main benefit of a one-handed backhand is reach. Many people find that once they master the stroke they have more reach and can hit through the tennis ball more easily.

Is Federer the greatest?

Although the numbers are almost all on his side, Novak Djokovic still lags behind Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in terms of popularity.

Who has the most aces in tennis?

Ivo Karlović has the most career aces with 13,728.