• Spaces are limited, please register in advance to secure your spot. 
  • ​Please arrive 15 – 30 minutes prior to tournament start time for check-in and warm-ups.
  • Walk in entries will not be permitted except to fill an opening caused by a defaulted player.
  • Registration closes at 10:00 AM on the day of event.


  • ​Division One Champion will receive a TopSpin t-shirt.


  • TopSpin members receive free admission.
  • Non-member tournament pass: $10.


  • Two Rounds of Competition! Round robin group play, with all players advancing to second round single elimination bracket play. Based on each player’s performance in stage one (group play), they will advance to an upper division or a lower division second round bracket.
  • Three minute warm up. Matches played best 3 out of 5 games to eleven points. Serve rotates every two points. 
  • White Butterfly 3* G40+ plastic ball.


Two Rounds of Competition!

Round One​.Tournament play begins with round robin format group play in groups of either three of four players. When your matches conclude, please immediately return all scorecards to TopSpin’s front desk. All players advance to the second round of competition!​

Round Two.The second phase of tournament play consists of single elimination bracket format play. Performance in Round One dictates which bracket you will be placed in for Round Two. Now competition gets serious! After Round One, players become separated into different brackets which reflect their playing ability. The result is exciting, challenging matches. Good luck!​

Tournament play is suitable for…

Advanced Players. Richard is an advanced player. He usually wins his Round One group, often beating other players 3-0. Unless he performs poorly he usually advances to the upper division Round Two bracket. In Round Two, Richard’s single elimination bracket consists of other players who finished in first place out of their respective Round One groups and he enjoys tough competition as he battles with other advanced players to win prizes.​

Intermediate Players.​ Dinesh is an intermediate player. He usually does not win his Round One group but also usually does not lose his Round One group either. Sometimes he performs well in Round One and advances to a Round Two single elimination bracket with advanced players, other times he advances to a Round Two bracket with less advanced players.​

Beginning Players.​ Bighead is a beginner. He understands how to play table tennis, but is not very good and has never had lessons. Bighead often finishes in last place in his Round One group but enjoys the challenge of playing against more advanced players. Round Two is great for a player like Bighead. Despite struggling against intermediate and advanced players in his Round One group, Bighead enjoys close matches against other beginning players and sometimes wins his Round Two bracket!

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