What does inside out forehand mean?

The inside-out forehand occurs when a shot from an opponent lands on the player’s backhand side of the court and the player elects to hit a forehand cross-court to the opponent’s backhand, assuming that both players are right-handed, which is usually the case, or that both players are left-handed, which is rarely the …

How do you hit an inside out forehand?

How To Hit The Perfect Inside-Out Forehand In Tennis

What is forehand inside in?

An “inside” shot is one that moves into your body (or parallel to you). When you run around a shot to your backhand side to hit a forehand, you are effectively turning (what would be) an outside shot to backhand and making it an inside shot to your forehand.

What is an inside out backhand?

Another time it happens is when you are run out wide to your forehand and then your opponent nails the next shot down the middle or just right of the middle while you’re scrambling left back into position so you run right into the ball with your backhand and you may choose to hit it inside-out.

What is tennis inside out shot?

An inside out shot is when the player is positioned in the left side of the court and instead of hitting a backhand will hit a forehand crosscourt. Inside in shot is when the player is again on the left side of the court and instead of hitting a backhand hits a forehand down the line.

How do you hit a high backhand in tennis?

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How do you play high forehand?

How To Hit High Forehands in Tennis

  1. A slight grip change is important for generating topspin.
  2. The open stance works best for dealing with high balls.
  3. The high forehand swing path is different than for a low or medium height ball.
  4. It’s important to use your body to rotate on a high ball.

How do you deal with high balls?

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How do I stop hitting the balls in the net?

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