Backhand Drive
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What is backhand drive technique in table tennis?

A backhand drive is an attacking shot. It’s played with a little bit of topspin, but mainly it’s a flat hit and can be very powerful.

When should you play a backhand drive? You’d normally play a backhand drive close to the table when your opponent’s return is a little high.


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What is the backhand drive technique in table tennis?

A backhand shot involves turning your arm slightly across your body to hit the ball. Like the forehand, the backhand can also be broken down into four components – your stance, the backswing, the strike and the finish.

What is forehand and backhand in table tennis?

However, the two are different because players raise their arms higher so the ball goes a little higher than a topspin in this type of shot. For a forehand drive, you will need to use the front of your hands to produce this stroke, but the backhand drive requires ls players to use the backside of their hands.