What is the backhand push in table tennis?

The backhand push is a defensive stroke played with a small amount of backspin. The stroke is played by holding the racket in the backhand position and hitting the ball with an over-the-shoulder motion. The backhand push is usually played against short and low, backspin or float balls, although beginners that have not developed a loop (or open upshot) can play a push off a longer ball.

The main advantage of the backhand push is that it provides more control than an aggressive stroke such as a forehand loop. However, the backhand push does not generate much speed or spin, making it difficult to keep the rally going against an opponents that are using these strokes.

As a result, most players use the backhand push as a way to transition into an offensive position, rather than to win points outright. When executed properly, the backhand push can be an effective tool for controlling the pace of the game and keeping your opponent on their toes.

How to play a backhand push in table tennis

5 backhand push tactics to beat your opponent

Learn how to play the backhand push in Table Tennis. This coaching lesson is proudly brought to you by PingSkills.

Backhand Push – Common Mistakes

This video shows the common technical flaws that players make while executing a Backhand Push stroke. These points affect the proper execution of a stroke and need to be corrected for best stroke outcome


Why backhand push is important?

A backhand push is an important stroke in table tennis. It is used to make it difficult for your opponent to attack and is most effective when the ball already has backspin on it. This can be from an opponent’s serve or in the opening stages of a rally. A backhand push can also be used as a defensive stroke when you are not in a position to attack.

This shot is played with the back of the hand facing the opponent and the paddle pushed away from the body. The key to this stroke is to keep the arm relaxed and hit the ball with a consistent level of power.

Backhand pushes can be very effective when used correctly but take some practice to master. With a little time and effort, you can soon add this important stroke to your game.

What is a push in table tennis?

A forehand push is a difficult defensive shot that requires the player to strike downwards on the back and underneath the ball to create backspin. When performed correctly, a forehand push is used to change the pace of an exchange or to return the ball in a very low manner.

How do you forehand push in table tennis?

How to play a forehand push in table tennis

Why do you need to use forehand push?

The main reason you use a forehand push is to make it difficult for your opponent to attack. For example, if your opponent serves a short backspin serve to your forehand, you can play a short forehand push back or push back fast and long. Either option will make it difficult for your opponent to play a strong attack.

What is the difference between backhand and forehand in table tennis?

For example, if you are right-hand dominant, you contact the ball off to the right side of your body when hitting a forehand. If you are left-hand dominant, you contact the ball off to the left side of your body. With backhand groundstrokes, you contact the ball on the side of your body opposite that of the forehand.

How do you backhand topspin in table tennis?

How to play table tennis – Backhand Topspin

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