Who is the founder of table tennis?

The game of table tennis, also known as ping-pong, has a long and storied history. Though the game can be traced back to ancient China, it was not until the 19th century that it began to gain popularity in Europe and America. The earliest surviving action game of table tennis is a set made by David Foster, patented in England in 1890.

In the years that followed, the game quickly spread in popularity, with tournaments being held across the globe. Today, table tennis is enjoyed by people of all ages and remains one of the most popular indoor sports. Thanks to its founder, David Foster, we can enjoy this beloved game today.

The 5 Basic Rules Of Playing Table Tennis

Table tennis is a widely enjoyed sport that can be played recreationally or competitively. While the basic rules of table tennis are simple, there are a few key regulations that all players must follow.

  1. First, hands must be kept off the table at all times – leaning on the table is not allowed.
  2. When serving, the ball must be thrown 15mm into the air before hitting it
  3. if the ball hits the net on service, the player must serve again.
  4. The ball must also be held in a flat palm above the table when serving.
  5. Finally, each player’s paddle must be covered with two different colors of rubber – one color on each side.

These simple rules help to create a fair and enjoyable game for all players.

How long is a table tennis match?

For the majority of table tennis matches, especially those that are competitive, each game is played until one player scores 11 points. However, if the score becomes tied at 10 points each, then the game is played until one player gains a two-point lead. This rule was put into effect by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) in 2001 and has been used in most competitive matches since then.

The ITTF made this change in order to make games more exciting and fast-paced. As a result, table tennis matches are usually shorter than they used to be, although the exact length can vary depending on the skills of the players.

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