Who is the VA for Star Butterfly?

Eden Sher is the voice of Star Butterfly in Star vs. The Forces of Evil, and Kana Ueda is the Japanese voice.

How old is Star Butterfly and Marco Diaz?

Star had her 14th birthday in the series’ very first scene, and in the final edit Daron Nefcy assigned Marco the age of 14 as well. Marco turned 15 at the end of “Lava Lake Beach” on November 28, and Star on “Stump Day” some 4 weeks later.

What gender is Star Butterfly?

Star is a fifteen-year-old girl with a height of 5′ 2″ (1.57 m). She has fair skin, light blue eyes and long blonde hair that goes down to her knees. Most of the time Star’s bangs overlap her eyes and eyebrows, possibly due to how large her eyes are drawn. Her cheeks normally have light pink hearts on them.

How old is Marco Diaz?

↑ In “Running with Scissors”, Marco spends 16 years in another dimension before his body is reverted back to that of a 14-year-old. While this technically makes Marco 30 years old, biologically he is still a teenager.

Who is the English voice actor for Inosuke?

Bryce Papenbrook (Inosuke Hashibira )

Is there a Star vs. the Forces of Evil movie?

the Forces of Evil: The Movie is a 2020 American animated adventure action fantasy-comedy film produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Walt Disney Animation Studios, directed by Daron Nefcy and co-directed by Joss Whedon. It’s based on the 2015 animated TV series. It was released on July 25, 2020.

Did Star and Marco get married?

the Forces of Evil. With the most recent episodes, Star and Marco are now a canonical couple by the end of “Here To Help” and their relationship as a couple so far is overwhelmingly positive with the sheer closeness that they shared in the next few episodes.

Who does Tom Lucitor end up with?

Tom Lucitor

He eventually ends up befriending Marco in “Friendenemies”, as both of them enjoy the pop music group, Love Sentence. In Season 3, though he finally moved on, Tom ended up rekindling his relationship with Star while still being friends with Marco.

Does Star Butterfly have a daughter?

It is confirmed in “Monster Bash” as Heinous is revealed to be Eclipsa’s daughter and that her real name is Meteora Butterfly.

Who is Moon’s mom?

Queen comet butterfly (queen moon’s mom).

What is Star butterflys full name?


Full Name: Princess Star butterfly
Home: Butterfly Castle, Mewni Diaz Household, Echo Creek (formerly)
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Blonde
Occupation: Princess/acting queen of Mewni Echo Creek Academy foreign exchange student Queen-in-training

Is Star Butterfly a Disney princess?

Character information

Princess Star Butterfly is the titular protagonist of the Disney Channel and Disney XD’s animated series, Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She is an intergalactic princess from the Kingdom of Mewni. (located in another dimension).

Why does Marco have moon cheeks?

I believe that when Star and Marco souls bonded with each other, the magic inside Star actually also became a part of Marco which took the shape of a crescent moon due to that being the shape of the moon the two were exposed to.

How old is Thomas Lucitor?


Full Name Thomas Lucitor
Birthday 20th April
Age 17
Status Future king of the underworld
Species Half-demon

Is Marco Mexican?

Marco Diaz is the deuteragonist of the Disney XD animated series, Star vs. the Forces of Evil. A Latino-American California citizen, he has been assigned the task of helping Star Butterfly adjust to life on Earth.

Who plays the voice of Adrien Agreste?

Adrien Agreste

Who is the voice actor of Bakugo?

Katsuki Bakugo

Who voice acts Tanjiro English?

Zach Aguilar

Zach Aguilar
Occupation Voice actor
Years active 2014–present
Agent AVO Talent
Notable work Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba as Tanjiro Kamado JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable as Koichi Hirose One Punch Man as Genos Fire Emblem: Three Houses as Byleth (Male) Genshin Impact as Male Traveler (Aether)

Is there a Gravity Falls movie?

Gravity Falls: Between the Pines (TV Movie 2016) – IMDb.

Will there be a season 5 of Svtfoe?

After Doc McStuffins and Pepper Ann, this is Disney Television Animation’s third overall series and the first series created by a female for the company. Season 5 of Star vs. the Forces of Evil is currently in production, and the show’s loyal following is eagerly anticipating its arrival.

Is Svtfoe Cancelled?

Star vs The Forces of Evil: Ending
No Season Five for Disney XD TV Show. It looks like Star vs. The Forces of Evil is coming to an end. Disney XD just announced the TV show’s fourth and final season will premiere in March.

Why did Star and Tom break up?

In Sad Teen Hotline, Tom decides to end his relationship with Star due to their differences, and does not even want to be friends with Star anymore. He is unable to leave due to an interference with the portals and is forced to stay with Star on her journey back to Mewni.

How did Star vs. the Forces of Evil end?

As they appear to accept their fate, the magic between them creates a swirling vortex underneath them as the entire dimension is enveloped in light. Star ends up on Mewni, unconscious on the back of an alligator in the destroyed Magic Sanctuary.

Is Marco dating Kelly?

In Kelly’s World Marco and Kelly became breakup buddies since they started to developing feelings for each other. However in A Boy and His DC-700XE, they were revealed to have amicably stopped being breakup buddies.

Do Janna and Tom get together?

In “Stump Day,” it is shown that Janna and Tom have already met, and even though there wasn’t much interaction between them, this ship can be considered for the future. Despite this ship having next-to-no romantic interaction, and thus fitting the definition of a ‘crack ship’, there are many fans of this ship.

Who is queen of Mewni?

Moon Butterfly, also known as Moon the Undaunted, is the 36th Queen of the Kingdom of Mewni, ruling alongside her husband River Butterfly, and the mother of Star Butterfly. She was the previous wielder of the Royal Magic Wand before passing it down to her daughter on her fourteenth birthday.

Who was the first queen of Mewni?

Glossaryck creates the magic wand from Meteora’s baby rattle and a newborn millhorse and gives it to one of the female settlers, possibly making her the first Queen of Mewni and the possible founder of the Butterfly Family. In “Pizza Party”, Moon leads to coup to dethrone Eclipsa and reinstate herself as queen.

Why did Star vs. the Forces of Evil end?

So to conclude, Star has fallen downhill because it started focusing too much on shipping and lost it’s quality with the writing. And with it’s ratings for season 4 and the finale being pretty weak, it was pulled off the schedule and it’s not being reran again and I’m not sure if it’s going to be reran again.