Who sang original Red Rubber Ball?

The Cyrkle

“Red Rubber Ball”
Songwriter(s) Paul Simon, Bruce Woodley
Producer(s) John K. Simon
The Cyrkle singles chronology
“Parking in the Kokomo” (1965) “Red Rubber Ball” (1966) “Turn-Down Day” (1966)


When did Bobby Vee sing rubber ball?

August 12, 1960

“Rubber Ball”
Single by Bobby Vee
Recorded August 12, 1960
Genre Brill Building pop
Length 2:17


Who wrote Rubber Ball for Bobby Vee?

Rubber Ball

Who wrote Red Red Wine Neil Diamond?


Did Bobby Rydell sing Volare?

Credit: Bobby Bank/WireImage. Bobby Rydell, the ’60s teen pop icon and singer of ‘Volare’, has died aged 79. According to the Guardian, Rydell passed away yesterday (April 5) of pneumonia complications not related to COVID at a hospital in his hometown of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

What was Bobby’s biggest hit song called?

His biggest hit, “Take Good Care of My Baby,” spent three weeks at No. 1, beginning on Sept. 18, 1961. Bobby Vee’s top 10 Billboard Hot 100 hits chart is based on actual performance on the weekly Billboard Hot 100, through the Nov.

Who Wrote turn down day?


What is the meaning of rubber ball?

A bouncy ball or rubber ball is a spherical toy ball, usually fairly small, made of elastic material which allows it to bounce against hard surfaces.

Do rubber balls sink or float?

Rubber floats because it is less dense than water. The numerous science experiments show us that things with less mass, like wood, oil, rubber band, and a rubber ball, float on the water surface because of their lesser theoretical density.

Are rubber balls porous?

Sponges, wood, rubber, and some rocks are porous materials. In contrast, marble, glass, and some plastics are not porous and contain very few open pockets of air (or pores).

Who wrote Kingston Town?


When was Red Red Wine Number 1?

Red Red Wine | UB40 Number Ones

Song Title Red Red Wine
Artist UB40
Year 1983
Date reached Number One 28-08-1983
Weeks at Number One 3


Was Bobby Rydell married?

Bobby Rydell

Where is Bobby Vee buried?

Bobby Vee

Original Name Robert Thomas Velline
Birth 30 Apr 1943 Fargo, Cass County, North Dakota, USA
Death 24 Oct 2016 (aged 73) Rogers, Hennepin County, Minnesota, USA
Burial Saint John the Baptist Parish Cemetery Collegeville, Stearns County, Minnesota, USA Show Map
Memorial ID 171754880 · View Source


What changes the shape of a rubber ball?

Forces make things move, but they can also stretch things, squeeze them, and change their shape. A rubber ball changes shape when you use force to squeeze it, but it returns to its original shape when you stop squeezing. Materials that do this have elasticity.

What was Bobby Sherman’s number one song?

Track Listings

1 Little Woman
2 La La La (If I Had You)
3 Easy Come, Easy Go
4 Seattle
5 Hey, Mister Sun


What happened to Bobby Valentino?

In early 2008, Bobby V confirmed that he was no longer signed to either Def Jam or Disturbing tha Peace during an interview with He stated: The decision to leave [the label] was totally mine. I sat down with Ludacris and Chaka Zulu, and I explained to them that it was time for me to venture out on my own.

What song is Bobby Sherman famous for?

(born July 22, 1943), known professionally as Bobby Sherman, is an American singer, actor and occasional songwriter who became a teen idol in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He had a series of successful singles, notably the million-seller “Little Woman” (1969).